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The Bac Wiki is my personal gathering of hints and tricks about everything I come accross, generally IT and (Arch)Linux-related. I started it during my final Master internship project, an expanded it during my PhD and my free time of "hacker".

I doubt the list will be well-maintained, but as of now (04/02/2018), the Wiki contains the following knowledge:

  • Intel I350 network card, and Intel network cards in general
  • using ethtool to manage a network card
  • negotiating with a NTLMv2 enterprise proxy using cntlm
  • using a BeagleBone Black, and send SMBus frames with it to a PCIe card
  • create a bridge using NetworkManager
  • Hadoop troubleshooting
  • Minikube troubleshooting
  • QEMU tips
  • Radicale (CalDav server) installation
  • General tips about reinstalling web services after a backup and full reinstall
  • SSH(D) tips
  • TUN/TAP devices tips